Why Redkix

Accomplish more, without changing the way you work

Use Redkix to extend the way you email into something modern and powerful — group collaboration, real-time messaging, and content store.

Powerful Email & Calendar with Group Collaboration

Communicate efficiently and faster with anyone over email. Our MessageQueue technology transports your messages instantly and securely over a highly-available, low-latency network.
Send Email Elegantly
Email technology is at the core of Redkix so we've designed and built a fast, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing interface for it.
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BYOT with Groups
Bring your own team and assign a private group email address. Discuss conversations with threaded topics, even with external participants.
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Connect Over APIs
Send data from third-party apps into Redkix Groups by connecting through our Zapier integration (or via webhook).
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Designed for Simplicity

We've designed Redkix so it's simple enough to understand because its familiar — both Outlook and GMail view are available — and we've developed it using the same code framework that Facebook uses to power its 1.8 billion users, so it's super fast.

Built & Managed Securely

Redkix data is hosted in the cloud, so its security is recognized as stronger than on-prem solutions. Broad security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in-transit, hardware security modules and strong physical security are hallmarks of how we handle data. In addition, Redkix is ISO 27001 certified as an organization. This means that we adhere to stringent security requirements — wherein access to data are enforced by our audited user access policy across all server resources. Learn more.

Hosted on Global Infrastructure

Redkix is hosted on a world class cloud infrastructure which provides multiple, physically separated and isolated Availability Zones which are connected with low latency, high throughput, fault-tolerant, and highly redundant networking.
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At Redkix, we’ve been laser-focused on creating a team communication platform that is centralized, inclusive, and modern. While other services attempt to lock users into their platform, we believe that opening up the network to allow anyone to participate, and embracing email as part of the solution, are the keys to finally breaking the collaboration hype cycle.
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Oudi Antebi, Co-founder, Redkix

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