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Redkix's lightning-fast "Smart Inbox" together with a built-in calendar, reduces time spent in email and keeps you on schedule.
Fast & Beautiful Inbox
Redkix inbox features are optimized for speed and simplicity. Whether scrolling through emails or searching for something specific, experience lightning-fast, beautiful interactions.
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Keep Track of Your Schedule
I mean really, what’s the point of an email app without a calendar? Stay on schedule with our integrated calendar — create events, see event attendees, and more.
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Stay Connected
Stay connected and continue your work on-the-go. Redkix is available on iOS and Android.
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Collaborate With Anyone

Create groups with anyone, regardless of whether they use Redkix or not. Redkix users experience real-time collaboration in shared workspaces. Non-Redkix users participate in the discussion via email.
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Modern Distribution List
Give distribution lists a modern makeover. Redkix allows you to manage all DL conversations as modern groups, with real-time discussions, chats, and aggregated content.
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Threaded Discussions & Chat
Manage group conversations in topic-based discussions rather than one long, confusing chat. Never miss an important conversation or spend time trying to get a conversation back on track.
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Connect Apps & View Documents
Bring data from other apps into your Groups through Zapier integration (or webhook). Also, get an aggregate view of documents shared within the group.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“When an app is always on and used throughout the working day, it’s paramount that it has an intuitive interface and is elegantly designed. Redkix checks those marks, so communicating with our team members and external participants have been faster and so efficient.”
Avid Technologies
“Our company needed a modern messaging solution that would accelerate the way we connect. With Redkix built on top of email, we get the peace of mind that we are able to send messages regardless if recipients have Redkix or not.”
“We love the fact that email, groups, chat, and content preview and sharing is in one app. In addition, having our team collaborate while being mobile and away from office is a great plus — using their iOS and Android apps.”
Meridian Healthcare
“With Redkix, all messages become conversations: either 1-on-1, with groups, or with external parties. Being on Redkix means that I don’t have to switch context when communicating — I just write and hit send; then I move on to the next.”

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