The collaboration solution built for email‑reliant companies

Friends & Customers

Redkix is for teams and companies who want to work in shared workspaces yet need to include others who just use email.


Power of Groups

Internal collaboration without silos

Create groups for a project, team, department, etc with topic-based discussions, chat and shared content.

But unlike any other product, include email users who don’t need to sign up or change how they work to participate.


Internal + External 🤟

Collaborate with external partners and customers, not just your colleagues

Include any email address in a Redkix group to collaborate with partners and customers who might not want to change the tools they use.

While you work in Redkix, they participate via regular email — everybody wins!


Gradual Adoption 👌

Change management doesn't have to hurt

By allowing anyone to participate via email you don’t need to force the entire company, department or team to switch at once. When ready, join Redkix and the get the full experience... it’s not mandatory, just better.



Your email inbox as a bonus feature

Redkix allows you to manage your email inbox alongside group discussions and chat. Stay organized with all communication in one place and improve collaboration with features like moving emails into groups for discussion. We think you’ll love our inbox features too.

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Redkix, an email-friendly team messaging platform, launches

After a year of private testing... the team is opening up its public beta... the service features both an email inbox for your work email and you can use the regular chat window to talk to users — maybe outside of your company — who only use email.

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Redkix launches to bridge group chat and email

Redkix announced today that it’s opening the beta version of its product, which lets people inside an organization host chats that include group instant messages and emails. Unlike Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, and other services, Redkix is designed to allow email users to easily take part in the conversation.

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Redkix integrates with your existing work email account, so all you need to do is sign in! We currently support Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365, with apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android (in private beta).